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Dan Larsen is a Northwest native descended from a long line of fine artists and craftsmen. His family’s local roots trace back to the time when tall ships explored the far reaches of Puget Sound. Larsen has been expressing his artistic gifts in all types of art media since he was a small child.

A graduate of Washington State University, he earned degrees in Construction Management and Business Administration with a minor in Industrial Design. Currently, Larsen balances his time between being a General Contractor and Artist. His construction clients appreciate the “design eye” that he adds to the creative process during a project. Virtually all of the work performed by Larsen’s General Contracting is obtained via referrals from customers who are impressed with his unique sense of design and his commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. This unparalleled craftsmanship is noticeably transferred to his unique style of Abstract paintings.
Dan Larsen, Organic Abstract Artist

While he has been involved in construction for the last 30 years, Larsen’s passion for the art process has been a continuing exploration into any new potential industrial medium. In recent years, he has increasingly focused on developing his own unique art form using a variety of industrial materials.The current paintings are created utilizing an industrial Resin formulated to include microscopic heat treated glass flakes, which give the paintings extra depth and durability. The artist utilizes a composet material for his canvas which  utilizes two light weight skins of aluminum lamininated to a plastic core. This metal/plastic canvas provides for a light weight backdrop that is durable and easy to handle.

The artist’s paintings have an emotional power and raw primal organic appeal.

Larsen’s work jolts the senses with an intensely detailed explosion of infinite shapes and riotous color. Each work emanates its own unique upbeat mood and personality, imparting the sensation of playful emotion being conveyed directly and not merely being seen with the eyes.

One art enthusiast was heard to exclaim, “These paintings make Jackson Pollock look tired.” However, when seeing one of his paintings for the first time, most viewers are compelled to simply blurt out “Wow!

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